Paige Whelan is resourceful and patient.

She grew up watching her father, an early computer nerd, tinker with half-built computers in the garage. Before the internet became the internet, he often pulled her away from her dolls to help him with tasks like transferring files from home to office through the telephone wires. They found new ways to accomplish goals when the first (or second) idea failed.

Paige brought that problem-solving spirit to her career in education. She taught preschool in Boston and then fifth grade at a Title I elementary school in Arlington, Virginia. Paige integrated technology to encourage student creativity and collaboration on various media arts projects that demonstrated their curricular knowledge. Her students learned to troubleshoot along with her as they exploited their limited hodge-podge of technology tools. Paige was named Teacher of the Year and became the school’s technology and arts integration specialist, designing and launching a technology program for the students and mentoring their teachers. She returned to her home state of California in 2012 to teach a similar course she designed for middle school students.

Paige earned her BA in Psychology from UC Davis and a Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership from Lamar University. She is a National Board Certified Teacher who is one of about 40 educators from around the country listed on the John F. Kennedy Center’s National Roster of Teaching Artists. For seven years, she worked as an arts and technology consultant for Focus 5, Inc., a national education consulting company.

Paige recently moved to Boise with her husband and two children. When she isn’t troubleshooting family life and squeezing in time for mediocre volleyball, she continues to consult with educators nationwide.