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Holy Smokes, What a Year: 2010

Life-changing and blog-changing this year has been. Excitement, challenges, and new priorities, and I wouldn't trade it for a thing. Top posts for this past year include: The newest addition to our family and how it all went down My monthly rants on being pregnant {loved it, but holy shizballs it had it's moments} Before and After Dresser {I still LOVE staring at this dresser morph. The PERFECT color}. The baby room reveal Before and After Cane Chairs Handmade Crib Bumpers and Crib Quilt Cute as a Button Baby Shower Ice Cream Party Invitations Needless to say, my new role as 'mom' has bumped my role of 'bi-weekly blogger' to 'whenever-I-have-something-interesting-to-say blogger'. I've dumped my sponsor bar and laid low, posting only when I've completed a project. Thank you ...


Sweet Little Feet

In LOVE with this gift from Face to Face Framing! Brigitte so generously sent this frame with a picture of my little bugger from Nicole Hoxie Photography. I almost boobed a little when I got it because I already forget how tiny those little feet were. These little feet can hardly stay still now...


I’m a Bright Girl

... but why did I think I could iron this shirt when I bought it?Please tell me there's another option...


Owen’s First Pictures

I promise this blog isn't turning into my baby's blog, or even a kid blog at all, but at 2 weeks old, that's just where all my attention is at the moment! My good friend Nicole took some adorable photos of Owen. You can see them on her blog, nicolehoxiephotography.blogspot.com. I also have another giveaway I'll be posting on Monday!


40 Weeks: What I Know Now

Tomorrow's my due date. I have a feeling we're going to see it come and go. At my 39 week ultrasound my doctor saw the baby's head and said, "Holy Moly!" I knew he was thinking "holy moly that's an adorable baby!" because I can't bring myself to think that meant anything else. This due date thing is kind of like saying that Christmas may happen on December 25th, but it could be a few weeks before or a few weeks after, so just be ready. Oh, and you may be getting 7.4 gifts, or you may be getting 8.14 gifts... but if you get over 9 gifts, they won't fit through the chimney, so we may need to get them in ...


20 Weeks: What I Know Now

All my pants shrunk The popular 'Kids Meal' will heretofor be called the "Kids/Prego Meal". I crave cheese, and kids know how to do cheese right: grilled cheese, mac 'n cheese, quesadillas... 3 of my good friends are pregnant which is more than awesome. I lent my pre-pregnancy pants to one of my friends so she can wear them DURING her pregnancy, which is less than awesome. After watching several episodes of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," I'm scared to go to the bathroom. Half-way there and I've only gained 8 lbs. {I know, don't burst my bubble, I'm enjoying it while it lasts}. I have a headache at the same time everyday. Hormones, my doctor says. Only Tylenol or Diet Coke can cure ...


Pant Alteration Tutorial

Preggo pants. *sigh* I'd love to have some cute ones but I don't want to spend the money on pants that I'll wear for less than a year. My friend gave me these Junior "Jolt" brand jeans that were comfortable, but made me look like a moose {especially paired with a tent-like top}. So. I. Fixed. Them. I had nothing to lose. Here's the before: Step 1 Put the pants on inside-out. Sit on the ground and take a pen to mark the inside of the leg you want to trim down. You can do anything... boot leg, straight leg, skinny, etc. It was easier to do this sitting down with legs stretched out, rather than standing up. These jeans had cute button pockets that I ...


I’ll Be on the National Geographic Channel!

Okay, I made that sound more exciting than it is. Months ago I was filmed assembling Ikea furniture for an episode of National Geographic's Ultimate Factories. The Ikea episode is airing tomorrow night at 8pm in my area. While you'll be laughing and pointing at my diligent building and reading the famous Ikea wordless instructions, I'll be reminiscing the time when I had a waistline. You can see some Vanna White-isms in this video below {you'll see me at about 1:20 in}. {If you're reading this from your feed-reader, you may need to click over to the post to see the video.}


Funny Online Garage Sale

I thought you would enjoy this as much as I did... My brother Lane (yes, the sweater horse brother), put a few items he is selling on his facebook account. I thought you would like his descriptions. Do you feel this way about your furniture? "Meet Hank. Hank is a dependable and sturdy young fellow who is a whiz at alphabetizing. He's a pale putty/grey with silver accents for that distinguished look and loves long walks on the beach. $10 takes Hank home with you." "Hank's details." "This is Martin. He was quite a chatterer in his day but has slowed down with retirement. Most recently Martin had a come-back cameo in this award winning film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPbl-2Y4VE (though sound has been disabled.) Now Martin likes ...


Sweater Recycling

This. Blows. My. Mind. It started with a facebook message from my brother: And then I got this in the mail: Can you believe this was made from these? My brother told me that he googled an image of a horse, printed it out and created his own pattern. Inside the horse is a bell... and it's our little secret that it's in the shape of a ghost. He finished this project in one day. It sure looked like it was a cozy sweater, but it makes an even cozier stuffed horse! Thank you LANE! You are a genius! I LOOOOOVE this... by far one of the coolest things I've ever gotten. If we lived closer to each other, we could make some ...


{ohbaby} Shower

Because she lives in Chicago, we haven't actually "met", but Jessica and I have talked on the phone and emailed frequently. She is the mastermind behind many of my favorite pieces of jewelry, JessLC.com, and we all love her Make Under My Life blog. Thank you Jess for the ohbaby shower! Many of you have left comments that have been encouraging, thoughtful, and outright funny. I have loved every one of them, and am delighted as I get these little gems in my email throughout the day. Here is what I received at the ohbaby shower: From Jess, an adorable letterpress print {from See Saw Designs} that matches the nursery perfectly. I love this! Whitney, maker of all things paper-crafts and colored bakers twine, sent ...


16 weeks… What I Know Now

I didn't appreciate that little waist when I had it. I'll never do that again. My computer was buggin' out the other day and I couldn't figure it out. Until I noticed my gut was resting on the space bar. Still haven't *tooted* in front of my husband! Is there an award for this somewhere? Can I add a badge to my sidebar because of it? I can feel the baby kick, and my husband felt it too. A good reminder why we're doing this... because seeing my veins through my skin and my belly button through my shirt, are not. I don't know if I've gained energy, or I just don't have time to nap. I can cook Stroganoff, Chicken, and Spaghetti - usually, ...


Perfect Day for Sewing

TORRENTIAL downpour in my hood today, but couldn't help swim by my local quilt store. THIS had me salivating. Doesn't it have new-baby-boy-crib-bedding written all over it? Oh, you should see my mind spinning right now. ... and I can't help but want to put the crib on top of some super-soft and fluffy rug. Yes, I know it's white, but my baby's not gonna spit or poop. Where can I get one for cheap, cheap, cheap? Does Ikea have this kind of rug?


Homemade Halloween Decor

Fall decor at my house is generally pretty easy, because there is no shortage of orange. But since I didn't want to spend money on decorations, I found stuff around the house that I could use for Halloween Decor: 1. A sketch from my college drawing class {You could find something online or find images from a magazine} 2. The magnet board I just made with a picture of a spider I found on the internet and tricked out in Photoshop to make it look creepy. {You can download it here for yourself if you want it.} 3. Those goblets are Christmas decorations 4. I covered a canvas with paper and cut out letters for "Boo" 5. Black foam and white-out creepy gravestones I used the ...


Psychic Crossword

I'm an old grannie and love doing crossword puzzles. A few hours before we found out what the sex of the baby was, I broke in my new crossword book with the first puzzle. Check out the clue... It was RIGHT! It's a BOY! ... I'm off shopping!